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Books and Technical Manuals

Contributed by Colin Appleby
Friday, 19 September 2008
NewBrain Books and Technical Manuals

1. NewBrain Handbook by Grundy Business Systems.

2. NewBrain Beginners Guide by Grundy Business Systems.

3. NewBrain Disk User Manual by Grundy Business Systems.

4. "Getting more from your NewBrain (BASIC)" by Andrew Pepper and Michelle Clark.

5. "The NewBrain Dissected" by John Braga.

6. "The New Brain Files" by Philip Crookes and Vitagraph Ltd.

7. NewBrain Software Technical Manual by Grundy Business Systems.

8. NewBrain Hardware Manual.

9. "NewBrain Expansion & Disk Controller Manual" by Tradecom.

10. "NewBrain Service Manual" by Tradecom.

11. NewBrain Build Expansion Module - Newbrain-gg User Group.

12. Hi-Soft Pascal 4T NewBrain Version 1.5 Manual.

13. Lisp 1.0 Programmers Manual - Serious Software.

14. Newbrain OE(t) V1.0 Manual - Forwarder Computer Resources Ltd.

15. Newbrain NewWord V1.0 Manual - Forward Computer Resources Ltd.

16. Open#Stream magazines (pdf) No. 8, 9 & 10 (circa 1988).

17. Newbrain Support Group (pdf) No. 1 - 11 (circa 1989 - 1991).

18. Dutch Newbrain On-Line magazines (pdf) No. 1 - 31 (circa 1985 - 2002).

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