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Load from Tape/Com save to Com/Tape

Written by Chris Desp
Monday, 16 July 2012

How to load from tape and save to com port (rs232)


How to load from com port(rs232) and save to tape.


On the pc side of course you should use the emulator ;-) 


This way you can transfer a tape to the emulator through a working NewBrain machine


 You can save a program from the emulator to a tape cassette through a working Newbrain. 

//Load from Com Save to Tape

10 CLOSE#1
20 CLOSE#9
40 OPEN#9,9
50 INPUT#9,a
60 PUT#1,a
70 GOTO 50
80 Close#1
100 END

//After Error 200 type Close#1

//Load from Tape Save to Com

10 CLOSE#1
20 CLOSE#9
30 OPEN#1,1
40 OPEN#9,9
50 GET#1,a
60 PRINT#9,a
70 GOTO 50
80 Close#1
100 END

// Ignore Error 133 Past End of File

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